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We take a break from Luke Cage for a quick Doctor Strange IMAX Preview Podcast. John and Derek headed along to the 15 minute IMAX preview for the latest Marvel Movie Doctor Strange and use this episode to discuss in a spoiler free way what they thought of what they saw with our other host Chris.

dtvp73-sos-Doctor Strange IMAX Preview Podcast

If you want to know more about Doctor Strange we have discussed him on three previous episodes as part of our Summer of Strange. During these podcasts we be introduced listeners to the background of the character in our Doctor Strange 101 podcast. In the second podcast in the series we reviewed the first live action appearance of the Sorcerer Supreme in our Doctor Strange 1978 TV Movie Review. Finally in the build up to the new movie we reviewed the Animated Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme as the Masters of The Mystic Arts got a feature length movie by Lionsgate.

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Dr Strange 101

Doctor Strange 1978

Doctor Strange Animated Movie

In the meantime feast your eyes on these awesome posters for the Doctor Strange movie.

doctor-strange-6 doctor-strange-1 doctor-strange2 doctor-strange3 doctor-strange-4 doctor-strange-5

We hope you enjoyed our Doctor Strange IMAX preview Podcast. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast over on iTunes at . We will have a review of the movie soon after it’s release on the 25th of October 2016 in Ireland.

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John, Chris and Derek

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Date recorded: 11/10/2016
Date published: 14/10/2016
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