The Punisher Episode Six Review “Judas Goat” Podcast – Defenders TV Podcast Episode 127

Agent Orange is revealed in our Punisher Episode Six Review of “Judas Goat” we discuss our top five points about this episode in our Spoiler filled discussion. As always make sure you’ve watched the episode before listening to the podcast.

Punisher Episode Six Review

Punisher Episode Six Review Podcast Spoiler filled Synopsis

Written by: Christine Boylan

Directed by: Jeremy Webb

Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) turns to Curtis (Jason R. Moore) to help treat Frank’s infected wounds and fever, picked up at Gunner’s outpost in the woods. Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) starts to hallucinate, projecting death and destruction on both his and Micro’s families. Curtis blames Micro for Frank’s current condition and questions the difference that their crusade will have on Frank. Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) and Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah) get closer – considerably closer – but post coitis Russo begins to understand and learn Dinah’s motives,  that she is investigating Frank, his former squad-mate. Back at her Office Dinah Learns of Gunner Henderson’s death and her and Sam Stein (Michael Nathanson) investigate the scene of the killing woods with local law enforcement and realise that Frank Castle IS alive after pulling and analysing blood from the scene. Meanwhile, Lewis Wilson (Daniel Webber) is arrested for confronting an N.Y.P.D. officer while helping Vietnam veteran and fellow support group member O’Connor (Delaney Williams) hand out pro-Second Amendment leaflets outside a courthouse. But after being bailed out by Curtis, Lewis learns that O’Connor lied about serving in Vietnam. Alone, angry and feeling betrayed, Lewis confronts him in his apartment and as their argument escalates Lewis stabs him repeatedly to death.  After his confrontation with Dinah, Russo starts to broadcast a radio call to Frank and reaches out to Curtis for information after learning from Dinah that Frank is still alive. But Frank approaches Russo and they meet up where Russo offers to give him a new identity and take him far from New York. But Frank doesn’t take up Russo’s offer,  following a visit with Micro’s family. Back at the docks Russo realises “he ain’t coming”, informing William Rawlins (Paul Schulze) aka Agent Orange .

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We will return on Friday the 22nd of December with our review of The Punisher Episode Seven “Crosshairs” talk to you then.

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Date recorded: 09/12/2017
Date published: 15/12/2017
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