The Punisher Episode Eleven Review “Danger Close” Podcast – Defenders TV Podcast Episode 132

The Lieberman family are under threat and we discuss it all in our Punisher Episode Eleven Review of “Danger Close” we talk about our top five points about this episode in our Spoiler filled discussion. As always make sure you’ve watched the episode before listening to the podcast.

Punisher Episode Eleven Review

Punisher Episode Eleven Review Podcast Spoiler filled Synopsis

Written by: Felicia D. Henderson

Directed by: Kevin Hooks

Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) bruised and battered calls time with Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) believing that his solo run to inform Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah) of the events and people at Kandahar has betrayed their partnership. Elsewhere William Rawlins (Paul Schulze) attempts to gain sympathy from CIA Deputy Director Marion James (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) in an attempt to use CIA resources to track Frank Castle. As Rawlins uses all his resources to hand, danger knocks on Sarah Lieberman’s door as both Sarah (Jaime Ray Newman) and Zach (Kobi Frumer) are kidnapped by Russo’s men. As the dominoes fall Frank and Micro’s location is traced off the back of Sarah’s cell phone. Frank anticipates this course of action but as Frank makes preparations at the disused power station he has second thoughts about about breaking his partnership with Micro as they both see the event’s at the Libermann home unfold and see Leo (Ripley Sobo) elude capture. As David reunites with her at an old family hangout and enlists Madani’s aid, Castle ambushes and kills the assault team in the power station as he takes his quest for vengeance to the next level with some help from The Punisher. After her grilling at Homeland Security by Madani and her boss, Deputy Director Marion James calls time on Rawlins’ duplicitous nature asking that he fix his problem by sacrificing Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) and resigning his position to protect the Agency. With his assault team dead, Russo arranges a location for a hostage exchange site, demanding that Castle and Lieberman exchange themselves for Sarah and Zach.

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