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DTVP16 Daredevil The Path of the Righteous

John and Derek of the Defenders team return to discuss Episode 11 of Daredevil The Path of the Righteous. As the current showrunner Stephen DeKnight and one of the showrunners for Season 2 of Daredevil Douglas Petrie join forces to bring us another revealing episode of Daredevil.

As Vanessa is rushed to the hospital by a concerned Wilson Fisk, Clare Temple visits Matt to tend to his wounds and give him a warning for where he’s heading. Matt takes Claire’s advise and goes on the lookout for a good tailor. Still reeling from Matt’s betrayal Foggy is keeping his distance from the offices of Nelson and Murdock and languishing in the arms of a former lover along with the occasional bottle of whiskey. Armed with new knowledge of Wilson Fisk’s chequered past Karen tries to enlist Matt, Foggy or Ben in her quest to reveal the truth about him to the city of New York before he gets away from her again but will Karen get away from James Wesley as he hears about the details of her investigation.

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John, Irene, Chris and Derek

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Date recorded: 09/05/2015
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