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After our little trip to the astral plane for our Doctor Strange preview we return with our Luke Cage Episode 5 Review Podcast as we talk about “Just To Get A Rep” the fifth episode of the new Marvel Netflix show Luke Cage. We discuss our top 5 points in our Spoiler filled podcast all about this episode. Make sure you sure you’ve watched the episode before listening to our podcast. New reviews out every Tuesday and Friday until we’ve completed the season.

dtvp79 Luke Cage Episode 5 Review

Luke Cage Episode 5 Review Podcast “Just to Get a Rep” Spoiler filled Synopsis

Written by Jason Horwitch

Directed by Marc Jobst

Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) arrives in Harlem to visit her mother, Soledad Temple (Sonia Braga). Confiding in her mother about saving a bullet-proof man in Hell’s Kitchen she explains her growing need to help the heroes that walk the streets of New York; just as she glimpses on the TV the incredible sight of Luke Cage (Mike Colter) emerging from a collapsed building unscathed! However, not everyone is pleased to see Luke Cage alive and a shocked Cornell Stokes aka Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali) hits back at Luke extorting the citizens of Harlem to cover his debts and to recover the money stolen by Cage.

As the heat rises in Harlem Shades (Theo Rossi) recognizes Cage from Seagate Prison and warns stokes of the damage to his reputation offering Stokes ways and means to deal with Cage. But as the inevitable arrives and Stokes becomes more obsessed with Luke Cage they clash…first on the streets of Harlem, then in Cottonmouth’s club – Harlem’s Paradise – and finally during Pop’s memorial, where Cage delivers an eulogy that humiliates Stokes in front of the people of Harlem. War has been declared!

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Defenders TV Podcast will return with our review of Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 6 “Suckas Need Bodyguards” on Friday the 21st of October 2016 and then a new episode review each Tuesday and Friday for the rest of the 13 episodes.

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  1. Frederik

    I haven’t seen further than episode 5, so by the next episode I am probably already proven wrong, but:
    If you have a VERY expensive bullet, let’s call it Judas, wouldn’t you make sure, that you got a Bullseye with it?

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