Luke Cage Interview Justin Swain “Bailey”- Defenders TV Podcast Special

As a Halloween treat we recently had a Luke Cage interview with one of the members of the cast Justin Swain who plays Bailey. A senior member of the Harlem Police Department, Bailey works alongside Misty Knight throughout Luke Cage Season one.

Luke Cage Interview Justin Swain

In this Luke Cage interview with Justin Swain discuss what it’s like to join the secretive Marvel Cinematic Universe, the experience of working with many directors under one show runner. Justin Swain’s experiences with Simone Missick who plays Misty Knight on the show. The reaction of his friends and family as his part becomes larger throughout the season. We also discuss some of Justin’s other work on shows like Boardwalk Empire where he met Matt Murdock/Daredevil himself Charlie Cox. Justin shares the reason why his character takes on and off his glasses when he’s concentrating on a problem.

If you would like to connect with Justin he can be found on the following social media sites

Instagram: @justinswainofficial

Twitter: @jswainofficial


Or you can contact his agent through MLC PR at

Defenders TV Podcast will return with our review of Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 8 “Blowin’ Up the Spot” on Tuesday the 1st of November 2016 and then a new episode review each Tuesday and Friday for the rest of the 13 episodes.

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Date recorded: 24/10/2016
Date published: 30/10/2016
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  1. Frederik

    Hey Defenders!

    No spoilers, but I saw ‘Doctor Strange’ in the cinema yesterday, and just wanted to share the experience a little. I’m not crazy about 3D, so I saw it in 2D, but there are scenes in the movie that are made for 3D, so if you don’t care either way, I would recommend seeing it in 3D. The story takes its time to unfold; to get to know the characters and the universe of ‘dark arts’. It’s a great journey with lots of Marvel trademark fun along the way … oh, and remember to stay till the end of the movie, because there is both a ‘midpoint’ ekstra scene and a post credit scene all the way at the end. The movie is visually astounding … wow! I just finished the ‘Doctor Strange Omnibus’ (Lee & Ditko) (LOVED IT!) before seeing the movie, and there is a lot of that story and those characters in there. And in the end of the movie there is a little ‘easter egg’ from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2’ story, so you might want to read that before watching.

    And of course I wore my cap with pride! Have a great time at the movies! 🙂

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