Marvel’s Defenders Jessica Jones Season One Recap podcast – Defenders TV Podcast Episode 110

Part two of our Defenders lead in is here with our Jessica Jones Season One Recap podcast. Listener requested and happily supplied we go back to the brilliant Jessica Jones to see where our thoughts lie on the full season. Full spoilers for all of Jessica Jones Season One are in this episode.

Jessica Jones Season One Recap

Synopsis for our Jessica Jones Season One Recap podcast

  1. An overview of the main points series one of Jessica Jones
  2. A great protagonist and a great antagonist
  3. The strong supporting characters in the show from Jeri Hogarth and Trish Walker to Malcolm Ducasse and Hope Schlottman.
  4. Where do all of our characters end up at the end of Season One in preparation for The Defenders.
  5. After our recap what are our thoughts on the series as a whole

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In preperation for the release of Netflix Marvel’s Defenders on August 18th worldwide Defenders TV Podcast will return with a recap review of Luke Cage Season One on Monday the 7th of August leading up to the show. Followed by our recap of Iron Fist Season One on Friday the 11th of August we hope you join us for each of the episodes.

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Date recorded: 25/07/2017
Date published: 04/08/2017
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