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What would the Defenders do if we had to discuss the 8th episode of Marvel’s Jessica Jones this week? Well have a listen to our Jessica Jones S01E08 AKA WWJD Podcast to find out. In a bit of a heavier episode this week we have a discussion about the concept of consent and control brought up in this episode, an interesting Marvel Team-Up between Kilgrave and Jessica and we need to talk about Kevin.

DTVP38 Jessica Jones S01E08 AKA WWJD Podcast

Synopsis for Jessica Jones S01E08 AKA WWJD Podcast

After her unexpected release from the police precinct, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) experiences an odd homecoming courtesy of Kilgrave (David Tennant) as she is made to spend time with Kilgrave at her childhood home. Learning of his unusual and troubled childhood Jessica looks to reverse Kilgrave’s damaged personality, thinking that she might just be able to mend him. She seeks the advice of Trish (Rachael Taylor) who is concerned with, not only by Jessica’s changed circumstances, but also Simpson’s (Wil Traval) increasingly obsessive and secretive behaviour towards Kilgrave. Elsewhere, matters of a broken heart reach a tipping point as Hogarth’s messy divorce with her estranged wife plumbs a new depth as Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) gets desperate. However, as Jessica returns to help Kilgrave back at the house Simpson, a bodyguard called Hank (Mazin Akar) and a nosey neighbour, Elizabeth De Luca (Kathleen Doyle) blow things wide open!

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