Jessica Jones S01E07 AKA Top Shelf Perverts Podcast – Defenders TV Podcast Episode 37

This time on Defenders TV Podcast John, Chris and Derek say a shocked farewell to an unexpected character in our Jessica Jones S01E07 AKA Top Shelf Perverts Podcast. We discuss our theories on Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Officer Simpson (Wil Traval) and an interesting possible future for the upstairs neighbour Robyn (played by Colby Minifie) along with our usual top 5 on this episode and our feedback on the series so far.

DTVP37 Jessica Jones AKA Top Shelf Perverts

Synopsis for Jessica Jones S01E07 AKA Top Shelf Perverts Podcast

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) slumps further in to heavy drinking, after her break from Luke Cage (Mike Colter), and begins to loose the plot as she takes up Jeri Hogarth’s increasingly malicious and violent plan to extract the divorce from her ex-partner, Wendy Ross-Hogarth (Robin Weigert). As things breakdown for Jessica, further tragedy calls at Alias Investigation’s front door as an innocent bystander becomes unexpectedly embroiled in the complex and dangerous life of Jessica Jones and Kilgrave (David Tennant). As she formulates an extreme plan to combat Kilgrave and draw him out it requires all of her friends unwanted help to prevent Jessica from carrying out her dangerous plan to outwit Kilgrave. As events crescendo between Jessica and Kilgrave the extent of his grand design becomes clear as he truly infiltrates her childhood memories.
Long live Ruben (Kieran Mulcare) and banana bread!

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The Defenders TV Podcast will return on Tuesday the 22nd of December with our top fives for Jessica Jones Episode 8 “AKA WWJD?

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