Fantastic Four 2015 Movie Review – Defenders TV Podcast Episode 24

DTVP24 Fantastic Four 2015 Review

Fox’s Fantastic Four mostly directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle) was released on the 7th of August 2015. Join three of our Defenders, Chris, John and Derek for our Fantastic Four 2015 Movie Review on its weekend of release. We begin our discussion of this movie with our spoiler free thoughts on whether some of our listeners who are on the fence about seeing the latest version of the Fantastic Four on the big screen should take the time out to see it. We then provide our full detailed thoughts through our top five standout points about the movie.

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Fantastic Four Movie Synopsis – SPOILERS

A young scientist, Reed Richards (Miles Teller) enlists the help of junk yard worker Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) to help him develop an experimental teleportation machine. The initial tests worked but Reed continues to work on the project for the next seven years until he’s spotted at a science fair by industrial scientist Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey). Franklin informs Reed that his teleportation machine in fact transports matter to another dimension and back. Impressed that Richards created this prototype in his garage, Franklin offers him a job at his company, all the resources he needs and a team consisting of his son Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) and daughter Sue Storm (Kate Mara) and Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell), a former employee of Franklin’s who became despondent when he couldn’t complete a similar project.

Working together the team complete the project and open a portal to “Zero Planet”. Reed, Victor, Johnny decide to take a drunken trip to the planet dragging Ben Grimm along for the joyride. But disaster strikes and the team are attacked by an unknown substance on the planet. Sue Storm, who remained in the Baxter Building facility while the boys went on the trip, saves most of the team by reactivating the recall protocol. Unfortunately Victor is left behind as he took the brunt of the infection from the mysterious substance and the team believe he is dead. The team soon discover that their bodies have been greatly changed. Johnny is constantly on fire, Reed’s body stretches in fantastic ways, Sue phases in and out of visibility and poor Ben Grimm is transformed into a giant rock monster.

In order to cure their illnesses and strip resources from the planet for earth, the team are convinced by the army to retry their experiment and return to Zero planet. When they return they find Victor who has been sustained by the planet for the year he has been missing. He is angered by the notion that the army wants to strip the planet of its resources and decides to go on a killing spree and destroy Earth. The four heroes must team up for the first time to save the earth and take out Victor if they want to save the Earth from it’s doom.

Thank you so much for listening We hope you enjoyed our Fantastic Four 2015 Movie review the Defenders will return with our continuing discussion of Agent Carter and the return of the Howling Commandos in Agent Carter Episode 5 The Iron Ceiling

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