Doctor Strange Animated Movie Review – Defenders TV Podcast 73

Join us for Summer of Strange part 3 for our Doctor Strange Animated Movie Review. We discuss our Top 5 points as usual about this interesting in depth take on the universe of the Sorcerer Supreme, Baron Mordo’s leadership, the treatment of the Ancient One and the many many character deaths in this animated take from Marvel and Lionsgate animation.

DTVP73 SoS Doctor Strange Animated Movie Review

Synopsis for our Doctor Strange Animated Movie Review

Directed by Patrick ArchibaldJay Oliva and Dick Sebast

Screenplay by Greg Johnson

Story by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle

New York is under increasing attack from mystical forces and foes that it’s inhabitants can neither see nor perceive. But a talented yet arrogant neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange (Bryce Johnson) begins to see wisps of unknown creatures and also starts to connect psychically with the nightmares of an alarming number of child patients admitted to hospitals across New York. Whilst he shrugs these occurrences off he is involved in a severe car accident leaving him with crippling injuries to his hands. Searching across the world for a cure to his injured hands Stephen Strange travels to far-off Tibet to receive physical and spiritual healing from the renowned Ancient One (Michael Yama). Initially blunt, presumptuous and sceptical of this “healing” Strange is opened up to a world of magical energy by the Ancient One and Wong (Paul Nakauchi). As he develops his mystical powers he is told of his destiny to become earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. However, another student of the mystical arts Mordo (Kevin Michael Richardson) become jealous of Strange and the attention being placed on him by the Ancient One and Wong betrays them all to Dormammu (Jonathan Adams) from the Dark Dimension who is using the comatose children to conquer the world. As they face down this evil threat Stephen Strange uses his new abilities to fight Dormmamu, but soon realises that despite all his immense power he cannot save everyone.

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We will return to Doctor Strange (2016) when the new movie is released in Ireland at the end of October but in our next episode we will begin our coverage of Marvel’s Luke Cage (2016) .

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Date recorded: 24/08/2016
Date published: 05/09/2016
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