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For episode 2 of our Summer of Strange we discuss the Doctor Strange TV Movie 1978 starring Peter Wooten as the Sorcerer Supreme. We discuss our top 5 points about this TV movie that could have been the pilot for a third 70s Marvel TV Show. Following in the footsteps of Spider-man and Incredible Hulk. While this has definitely dated there are some things to love about the first adaptation of the masters of the mystic arts. But will the team defend Stephen Strange’s first outing beyond comic books.

DTVP72 SoS Doctor Strange TV Movie 1978 Review

Synopsis for our Doctor Strange TV Movie 1978 Podcast

Written and Directed by Philip DeGuere

The protector of earth the Ancient One known as Lindmer (John Mills) races to pass on his knowledge of the mystic arts to another younger sorcerer as the barriers separating earth from the dark dimension start to crumble. As the Nameless One (David Hooks) sends the evil sorceress Morgan LeFey (Jessica Walter) to destroy the wizard Lindmer or his successor and claim dominion over earth a psychiatrist, Doctor Stephen Strange (Peter Hooten), becomes increasingly drawn into a world he never knew existised. Psychically connected to his patient Clea Lake (Anne-Marie Martin), used as a pawn by LeFey to destroy Lindmer, Stephen Strange’s only way to save her, Lindmer and humanity is to delve in to the hermetic and mystical arts and discover his true purpose in this world as the new Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth.

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We will continue Doctor Strange on our next episode where we discuss the Animated Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme.

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Date recorded: 13/08/2016
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