Netflix Daredevil Into the Ring Episode 1 Review – Defenders TV Podcast E05

DTVP5 Daredevil Into The Ring

Episode 1 of Daredevil Into the Ring is out now and we discuss every element of the first episode of the Marvel and Netflix collaboration.

In this episode written by Drew Goddard (Cloverfield, The Cabin in the woods) and directed by Phil Abraham (Orange Is The New Black, Mad Men) we discover the reason why young lawyer Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) dedicates his life to justice for the streets of Hell’s Kitchen New York. As a young woman, Karen Page (Deborah-Ann Woll) is accused of a crime she didn’t commit the fledgling law firm of Murdock & Nelson comes to her defence. In the shadows a construction firm is taking advantage of incentives to rebuild New York after the devastation caused by the Chituari two years previous. Will Murdock and Nelson successfully defend their first client?

The music at the end of the podcast is from the Daredevil trailer and is Beautiful Crime by Tamer. The track, Beautiful Crime, is available to buy from iTunes.

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Thank you for listening and tune in again very soon to Defenders TV Podcast for our discussion on Daredevil Episode 2 Cut Man.

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Date recorded: 10/04/2015
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    Guys, I’m love you. I love how you talk about everything I would say. I was really happy to know you liked Foggy, some ppl are complaining about it. I’m totally with you. Can I stop and say I would love to talk to you? Be friends?! oh… let me stop being a crazy girl, I’ll stop;

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