Netflix Daredevil Condemned Episode 6 Review – Defenders TV Podcast E10

DTVP10 Daredevil Condemned

We discuss our top moments from Daredevil Condemned Episode 6 of the Netflix TV series in the tenth episode of Defenders TV Podcast.

As Ben Ulrich (Vondie Curtis-Hall) begins to connect the dots to the King of diamonds in his investigation into Union Allied Construction; Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Wesley (Toby Leonard Moore) work against time to trump the masked vigilante and put him in the frame for the Hell’s Kitchen explosions which killed the majority of the Russian crime syndicate. But Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) has one final ace up his sleeve, he’s trapped in a building with Vladimir (Nikolai Nikolaeff) if only Matt could get him to talk.

Thank you as always for listening, our next episode of Defenders TV Podcast will discuss Daredevil Episode 7 Stick and will be available from Thursday 23rd April. Then we’re off to the movies to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by going to and if you enjoy the show leave us a review to help other listeners to find the show.

John, Irene, Chris and Derek

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Date recorded: 18/04/2015
Date published: 21/04/2015
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4 comments on “Netflix Daredevil Condemned Episode 6 Review – Defenders TV Podcast E10”

  1. Rose

    Hi guys. We were great as always, thanks for the good work. Thanks for reading my e-mail. I have got dyslexia, and I wrote that during my lunch break so I’m quite sure it wasn’t an easy task! <3 It was good to hear from you!


      Not a problem at all Rose. We’re delighted to hear from you and that was some really good feedback. We put a bit more of your feedback in the next episode. Just so you know it’s coming :).

  2. Billy Redmond

    It’s intresting isn’t it?

    I’ve watched this TV series all the way through till the end and found it fantastic. From the sound of it so did you all.

    Yet, being from the UK I find myself only being able to be tangentially invested. I’ve actually been think about this for a while and was curious if you all had any thoughts on the matter; why can UK comics compete with the likes of Marvel and DC? I’d like to see more talent from this country going on to created these types of things, but prehaphs it is difficult to go up against the amount of cash the American companies like DC and Marvel throw at it?

    Let me make this clear, I am in no way “hating” on Americans or any of their media properties. I’m just curious as to why we havn’t seen organically grown UK companies and teams like Stan Lee and Steve Ditko or famous American authors like Frank Millar, starting to compete with the American properties?

    • Rose

      UK has got Nail Gaiman! And his work is amazing! But I do get what you’re saying. At least you have the best writers and TV series (in my opinion).

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