Daredevil S02E12 The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel Podcast – Defenders TV Podcast Episode 68

We discuss the penultimate episode of the season in our Daredevil S02E12 The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel Podcast. We discuss our top 5 on this episode including the Punisher’s Armory and the reveal of both Black Sky and the Blacksmith.

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DTVP68 Daredevil S02E12 The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel Podcast

Spoiler filled Synopsis for Daredevil S02E12 The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel Podcast

Directed by:    Euros Lyn

Written by: Douglas Petrie and Lauren Schmidt

Stick (Scott Glenn) is saved from Elektra’s (Elodie Yung) wrath by Daredevil but is abducted by the Hand after they crash their battle forcing the threesome to fight for one another. However, their brief alliance does not last as Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) vows to find Stick, while Natchios vows to kill him and anyone who gets in her way. As Daredevil goes underground to save his old friend and mentor, Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) follows a new story to profile Frank Castle’s (Jon Bernthal) previous life and character as a research journalist at the New York Bulletin. As she seeks to uncover Castle’s background she goes to his former commander in Afghanistan, Colonel Ray Schoonover (Clancy Brown), to find out more about Frank’s background only to be confronted with a sickening reality that he is The Blacksmith. Elsewhere in the abandoned tunnels of New York Daredevil’s rescue of Stick reveals the missing link in Nobu’s and Stick’s pursuit of Elektra Natchios as her true darkness is revealed to be the Black Sky. As Schoonover takes Karen out in to the local woods to execute her an ambush by Castle turns the tables on The Blacksmith who is in turn executed – One Bullet, One Kill – and a new identity for Frank Castle is created in the candy store of The Punisher’s Armory!

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Date recorded: 22/05/2016
Date published: 26/05/2016
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