Netflix Daredevil Nelson V Murdock Episode 10 Review – Defenders TV Podcast E15

DTVP15 Daredevil Nelson V Murdock

The Defenders return to discuss Episode 10 of Daredevil Nelson V Murdock. As the writing directing team of Luke Kalteux and Farren Blackburn follow their previous collaboration on episode 5 World on Fire with this episode of Daredevil.

In a quieter episode following Speak of The Devil, the full impact of the reveal of Matt’s (Charlie Cox) secret to Foggy (Elden Henson) is explored putting the partnership of Nelson and Murdock under threat. The team have an in-depth discussion about Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) and Ben Urich’s (Vondie Curtis-Hall) continuing investigation and Wilson Fisk’s politician-like progress through the higher echelon of Hell’s Kitchen. We pick our 5 top points from Nelson V Murdock to discuss in this episode of Defenders TV Podcast.

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Date recorded: 02/05/2015
Date published: 07/05/2015
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